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Shaker Style Cabinets and Colors

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. There are a lot of different cabinet colors and styles for homeowners to choose from today. Among the many cabinet styles, the Shaker style has been a popular choice for many homeowners. Shaker cabinets have been around since the 18th century, but they are still a very popular cabinet style choice today for many homeowners. The simple appearance makes it easy to achieve both a traditional look as well as a modern look.

You probably have heard the phrase “Less is more” already. More and more people are living by the phrase. The phrase can be applied to home decor choices as well. A home with simple cabinets and a few focal points will look better and appear more elegant than a cluttered space with extravagant pieces everywhere. If everything is a focal point, they will be clashing with each other to be seen. A proper amount of empty space is needed to enhance the beauty of what you want to show. The balance of positive and negative space should not be broken.

Shaker cabinets are simple in design, but they still look good. The cabinets will look good by themselves, but they also won’t steal the glory of your kitchen if there is something else you want to show off as the main centerpiece. They can be paired with a simple countertop, and you will end up with a chic and minimalistic kitchen. You can also pair the Shaker cabinets with bolder countertops or perhaps an over-the-top refrigerator you want as a statement piece in your kitchen. Shaker-style cabinets are very universal, they can help you style your kitchen to whichever style you prefer.

The simple design of Shaker cabinets can be paired with any aesthetic your heart desires. The appearance of the Shaker cabinets is good, but what about their price? Shaker cabinets are also very affordable in price.

The Shaker cabinets are more affordable when compared to many other styles of cabinets. The flat and simple design makes it easier to manufacture, thus, making the costs lower and the price more affordable for consumers. With the affordable price paired with a universal design, there is no wonder that the Shaker cabinets are a favorite amongst homeowners.

There are a lot of colors people pick from when choosing their cabinets. White is the most popular color choice with no surprise there. Many people love white cabinets, and they have good reasons to like them. The reasons will be explained in further detail as you continue reading. Other than white cabinets, grey, and brown cabinets are very popular as well.

White cabinets are a favorite among consumers. White cabinets can bring more light into your room, making the overall space brighter. Being in a well-lit environment has many positive benefits to both your mental health and physical health, such as your vision and state of mind. People tend to have happier moods when they’re in a well-lit environment. Focusing your eyes in a dark environment for an extended period can cause your vision to decline. Having bright lights and white cabinets can ensure that your kitchen is never too dark or be the cause of your declining health and vision.

Especially in the kitchen, you definitely want a well-lit kitchen. You need to have a well-lit kitchen in order to see when you’re cutting your vegetables and cooking your meals. The lighting is important in the kitchen because it is where you prepare your food.

The kitchen can get pretty messy when cooking. You might have oil splashes or sauce residue in unsuspecting spots after cooking. With white cabinets, you can make sure that you can wipe down all the dirty spots before they potentially lead pests into your kitchen. If you had darker cabinets, there is a chance you might miss a few spots and your kitchen might start smelling funky from the residues left untouched after cooking.

Brown or wood cabinets are also a very popular choice. After all, cabinets are made out of wood and they are naturally brown. Many people like to see the cabinets in their most natural form. Wood cabinets are more natural in appearance, perfect for people who are like nature. Wood cabinets can bring you into the woods and the feeling that you are inside a cabin up in the mountains.

Wood cabinets have a lot of variety within themselves, ranging from light to dark. Natural wood ranges from light brown to darker brown. With Maple being a very light color wood, and Walnut being a darker wood color. Natural wood cabinets can have a wide variety as well as any other set of cabinet colors. There are also many wood stains available, either enhancing the wood’s natural color or darkening it.

Wood cabinets are warmer. People tend to gather around in the kitchen, so making sure the kitchen has a warm and welcoming atmosphere is important. Wood naturally has a warm tone, perfect for people who like to have guests over and spend time in the kitchen. Wood cabinets are overall more welcoming and give the feeling of a warm home.

Grey cabinets are the bridge between traditional and modern cabinets. Grey cabinets have become the new norm. Homeowners are shifting from warm tones to cool tones. As mentioned earlier that wood cabinets have a warmer tone, but now we are switching to cool tone grey cabinets. After seeing warm tone cabinets for so long, people are straying away from warm tones to switch things up.

Grey cabinets are pretty, they lighten up the room just like white cabinets do but they are softer and more muted. They are subtle and will give your kitchens an overall chill vibe. Now homes are going for a contemporary look, and grey cabinets are perfect for starters. Grey cabinets are more subtle but can still let homeowners venture into the world of contemporary homes.

To wrap things up, Shaker-style cabinets have many benefits. White, brown, and grey are popular cabinet color choices. Do you like Shaker-style cabinets? Which of the three colors would you choose (white, brown, or grey) for your kitchen? Perhaps you have another color in mind, what color would that be?

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