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Different Types of Kitchen Sinks

There are many kitchen sinks available in the market. Different styles and sizes to meet the needs of all the kitchen sizes and budgets people have. There are also a lot of different materials for sinks, but the most popular and commonly used sink material would have to be stainless steel. Please continue reading if you are interested in reading about the different types of stainless steel kitchen sinks available.

Top-Mount vs Under-Mount Sinks

The first two differentiating factors between kitchen sinks would be whether they are top-mount or under-mount sinks. When choosing kitchen sinks, one of the first things homeowners might consider is whether they want a top-mount or under-mount sink. Most styles come in both top-mount and under-mount options. They each can have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Top-mount sinks are overall more budget-friendly, especially during the installation process. The installation process will be much more straightforward and easier to do than under-mount sinks. Top-mount sinks are perfect for DIYs since it requires fewer skills to install a sink through the top than from the bottom.

Under-mount sinks are more popular, you probably already have an under-mount sink at home. They are popular, and there are several reasons as to why they are more popular. Under-mount sinks simply look better than top-mount sinks. So from an aesthetics point of view, under-mount sinks are simply better. Under-mount sinks make it easier to wipe spills directly into the sink. The sink and countertop surface around the sink will look more neat and clean if you have an under-mount sink. The drawback would be the price, it will be more expensive than top-mount sinks. However, the longer and more often you use your sink, you will be glad that you went with the under-mount sink.

Single Bowl vs Double Bowl Sinks

Now there is single bowl versus double bowl sinks. They each have their benefits and drawbacks. Single bowl sinks are probably more common. When someone tells you to imagine a kitchen sink, you will probably picture a big and deep single bowl kitchen sink. They are one of the top choices for many people.

Single-bowl sinks are very straightforward, they provide a spacious room for you to do one thing at a time. You can wash a pile of dishes, or clean big pots and pans without an issue. You can wash big baskets of fruits and vegetables together because there is more than enough space. However, single bowl sinks might not be a good option for people who like to hoard dirty dishes. Since there is only one single component of the sink available, once dirty dishes pile up inside, you cannot wash anything else in it or fill up a pot.

Double bowl sinks will be a better choice for people who tend to hoard their dirty dishes. Double bowl sinks are also perfect for all the multitaskers out there. As mentioned already, you can keep your dirty dishes on one side and still use the other sink bowl for other things. You can fill up a pot on one side while you peel your potatoes in the other sink bowl. You can find the extra sink bowl to be beneficial in many ways, but double bowl sinks also has their drawbacks. Double bowl sinks will take up more counter space. Losing precious countertop space might be a huge drawback for some people. The sink bowls are also smaller and usually more shallow when compared to a traditional single bowl kitchen sink. Larger pots and pans may not fit in the sink, making the washing process more difficult.

Bar Sinks

There are smaller single bowl sinks as well, either as an extra prepping space in a larger kitchen or in an office drink bar area. They can be called bar or prep sinks because of how they are usually used. The benefits of the bar sinks are that you have a space to wash your hands or small items or fill up a kettle without taking up too much space in an office setting. They are also great as an additional sink for a larger kitchen, they are perfect for when two people are washing different things at the same time. The downside is that most people don’t end up using the additional sink often. The sink also takes away extra counter space which may be a big drawback for some people. Depending on the size of your space and how much you value countertop space, an additional bar sink may or may not be for you.

Farmhouse Style Sinks

Farmhouse-style sinks have been very popular on the internet. They are usually seen in white fireclay, but they can be in stainless steel as well. Farmhouse style or they can also be called Apron sinks, the style has been trending on the internet with many home tours featuring them. Farmhouse sinks can be either top-mount or under-mount. A drawback of farmhouse sinks is that since the sink is right on the edge, they are more prone to have water dripping and slashing on the floor when washing piles of dishes.

With so many styles to choose from, which type of kitchen sink is the right one for you? Which style do you prefer? Would you like to have two bowls for your sink, or is one enough? Will you install it yourself or hire a professional? Top-mount or under-mount? How about an additional bar sink? Those are all things you may think about when getting your next kitchen sink.

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