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Pros and Cons of White Cabinets

Are you trying to look for the perfect kitchen cabinets of your dreams? What color first comes to mind? There are various color options today for cabinets. All the colors on the color spectrum are valid options as a cabinet color. Many colors become popular but then go out of style rather quickly. White cabinets, however, will always be popular and never go out of style.

White cabinets are a classic choice for your kitchen. You can never go wrong with white cabinets. They make your kitchen bigger and brighter. White cabinets are easily accepted, and they simply look good. White cabinets will never go out of style. White cabinets had been around for a very long time, they were around for as long as people can remember. Yet, they are still commonly seen in homes today as a popular cabinet color choice. Let’s discuss the reasons why you may want white cabinets in your home as well.


First, let’s start with the pros of having white cabinets. There are many benefits that come with white cabinets, white cabinets are timeless and will never be outdated. Whether it was a hundred years ago, ten years ago, or today, you can never go wrong with white cabinets in your kitchen. People have always had white in their kitchen, white cabinets are not associated with a specific time period. Ten or Twenty years from now, you still won’t have to worry about your white cabinets ever going out of style.

The color white brings light into your kitchen. White reflects more light, making your kitchen brighter. The color white also gives you a sense of more open space, making the space appear larger. If you like brighter and more open spaces, white cabinets are definitely for you.

White cabinets will look good with any decor and kitchen appliance, regardless of their color. There will be no need to worry about colors clashing with white cabinets. Both dark color and light color kitchenware will look good with white cabinets. You can have an all-white kitchen, which will look chic and clean. Or you can have a contrasting kitchen, let the white cabinets bring out more of the colors from your countertops, decorations, and appliances.

Finally, white cabinets can make the selling process easier if you ever decide to sell your home. Since your taste might differ from potential buyers, you might have pastel green cabinets and think they are the prettiest cabinets in the world. However, that might not be accepted by others which can deter potential buyers. On the other hand, with white cabinets, potential buyers would not have any reason to complain about your kitchen. When the day comes, white cabinets will make your home easier to sell.


Now we can discuss some of the negatives of owning white cabinets. There are a few drawbacks to having white cabinets as well. While white cabinets may look cleaner than other colors, that is only if you clean your kitchen frequently or else it will get dirty easily. As we all may have experienced when wearing a white shirt, it is very easy to get something in the color white dirty.

Continuing on the topic, white cabinets are less forgiving with hiding flaws. White cabinets make it harder to hide cheaper wood finishings than darker cabinets. White cabinets also tend to turn a little yellow as time passes. There may be several reasons as to why it turns yellow. One reason is grease and moisture. When you cook and don't properly ventilate the space, the moisture and grease will stick to the cabinets, causing them to change colors as time goes on. Another reason is that the cabinets might have an oil-based paint finish, white cabinets that use oil paint will turn slightly yellow as the paint oxidizes. So, make sure to use water-based white paint to prevent your white cabinets from turning yellow.

Some people may find that white cabinets can give them a clinical atmosphere. The colors white and light blue are associated with doctors. Many of us probably don’t want to be reminded of the same feelings we get with doctor visits in our kitchen at home. So, you must be careful when choosing the right shade of colors. You can get clinical vibes from your white cabinets if you are not careful of what you’re pairing with them.

In the end, there can be many reasons for you to want white cabinets or not in your kitchen. Are there more pros than cons for you? Or do you see more cons than pros? Let me know what you think in the comment section below, would you have white cabinets?

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